• TRINITY_Before and After
  • Allcorn_Before and After
  • Donley_Before and After
  • Comal Courtroom_Before and After
  • Ancient Oaks_Before and After

Our design philosophy celebrates existing and historic architecture through



and growth.  

Existing and historic buildings hold the embodied energy of the craftsmen and materials that were used to construct them – they are inherently green. Most older buildings were constructed using quality design models, durable long-lasting materials, and expert craftsmanship.

Every building, no matter whether it is 10 or 110 years old, requires regular maintenance and repair.  Defer the repair cycle and, regardless of age, the building deteriorates. Old buildings are more forgiving of neglect.  They are constructed of higher quality materials such as dense lumber, hand-made or hard-fired brick, stone, heavy steel, and plaster.  We restore the beauty of these historic materials using best preservation practices, gained through years of experience and professional training. We integrate new building systems, add new spaces where desired, and restore the functional beauty of buildings.

Our new design work is based in traditional design, using quality materials and detailing.  We partner with property owners to assure that their needs for beauty, safety, integrity, durability, and sound investment are met as we develop the design for their unique project.

The photos here are before and after shots of some of our projects, and clearly show the source of our enthusiasm and passion. We are a unique team whose pride is rooted to our heritage. If you have a building talking to you the way these have to us, contact us, we’d love to hear about it.