Dedrick Hamilton House: The African American Cultural and Heritage Facility

African American Cultural and Heritage Facility
Original Construction: 1892
Austin, Texas
Key Issues

Archival history to find photographs and historical information for original and later homeowners

Window restoration to include improvements to energy efficiency and security

Roof replacement to include new wood shingles, negotiated to meet city requirements

Consultation to preserve as much original building fabric as possible during the restoration

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Freed slave Thomas Dedrick and his son, William, constructed the Dedrick-Hamilton House around 1892. In 2009 architectural firm McKinney York was hired to design the new African American Cultural and Heritage Facility in and around the historic house, and our firm served as their historical consultant. Our scope of work included historic research of the property, guidance on specific restoration issues related to the rehabilitation of the historic house, development of treatment protocols for original and historic material, and a historic finish analysis and identification of the paint colors in place in 1923, the restoration date for the house.

Project Recognition