Gonzales County Courthouse

Gonzales, Texas
National Register of Historic Places, Recorded Texas Historical Landmark, State Archeological Landmark
Key Issues
• Structural intervention was required to prevent collapse of the central tower and tile roof caused by lightening strikes, water infiltration from clogged gutters, and open joints at balconies
• Conservation & repair of brick, stone and terra cotta
• Protection of historic features and finishes during lead and asbestos abatement
• Identification and reproduction of faux graining and anaglypta finishes
• Accessibility and life safety improvements
• New building systems integration
• Windows, doors, and hardware restoration
• Work was completed with a limited budget and within a limited time frame

The Gonzales County Courthouse was designed by renowned Texas courthouse architect, J. Riely Gordon. The building was showing extreme structural distress at the tower, significant roof damage, and exterior brick and terra cotta were deteriorating rapidly.

The restoration preceding by several years the Texas Courthouse Preservation Program, and was completed in two phases, with partial assistance from a Federal ISTEA grant. The fully restored courthouse was awarded the "Award of Excellence in Historic Architecture" from the Texas Historical Commission in 1999.

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