Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs

Las Vegas, Nevada
National Register of Historic Places

From 1941-1959, Tule Springs Ranch was a working cattle ranch, alfalfa farm and “divorce ranch” primarily for women who traveled to Nevada to take advantage of lenient divorce laws. The City of Las Vegas planned to restore the Foreman’s House at Tule Springs to its period of significance for use as a House Museum and Visitor’s Center or the site. They sought assistance from Volz & Associates, in association with cultural resource management firm HHM, to understand the original interior appearance of the house and the best method of interpreting the property and its colorful history to visitors.

Key Issues
• Conduct field investigations at Tule Springs, including selective probing and paint analysis
• Develop an historic furnishing plan based on archival and field information and the selected interpretive date
• Provide recommendations for restored or in-kind replacement of the finishes, fixtures, fabrics, floor coverings, and furnishings originally used in the Foreman’s House
• Recommend interpretive information for museum exhibits in two rooms of the Foreman’s House

Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs exterior


Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs interior