Val Verde County Courthouse

1887, 1915
Del Rio, Texas
National Register of Historic Places, State Archeological Landmark

Key Issues

• Exterior masonry restoration, dutchman repairs, and cleaning

• Reconstruction of missing stone detailing based on surviving evidence and research

• Structural repair and reinforcement of roof trusses and framing

• Coordinate work to allow the building to remain occupied during construction

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The Val Verde County Courthouse was originally designed in the Second Empire style by Austin architects Jacob Larmour and A.O. Watson and featured locally quarried limestone , a mansard roof, and massive octagonal turrets at each corner. Architect Atlee B. Ayres substantially altered the building in 1915 in the Classical Revival style, removing the mansard roof and adding colonnaded entry porticoes on three sides of the building.
By 1995, extreme deterioration of the exterior masonry threatened the building’s future and resulted in the courthouse being listed as one of Texas’ 10 Most Endangered Historic Properties. We provided grant assistance, allowing the County to receive funding through the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program. The west and south porticoes were completely dismantled to allow inspection and repair of the underlying steel structure.