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Careful planning is an effective part of the design process, aimed at identifying the needs of the building owners and users while addressing the physical needs of the structure.  In addition to basic planning in the design process, VOH Architects provides more targeted planning services including, master plans, historic structures reports, and feasibility studies.

Master Plans are in-depth investigations of a building or site aimed at providing a roadmap for future work.  Master Plans frequently involve research and investigation by the architect, structural engineer, MEP engineer and other specialists as needed.  Master plans typically include analysis of the existing space usage, building code compliance, and accessibility compliance with detailed recommendations for each.  Many master plans include measured drawings, which are used as a base for restoration planning.  All of these items are coordinated and grouped into construction phases as needed to fit the Owner’s budget.

Historic Structures Reports are compilations of all key information about a structure, including its history, significance, and existing conditions.  HSRs typically include a detailed survey of the building by the architect to locate and identify surviving historical elements and document their physical condition.  This documentation is used to help establish significant dates or periods of construction and make recommendations for how these items are restored, preserved, or interpreted.

Feasibility Studies are more specific investigations aimed at reaching a pre-established goal, such as restoration or renovation of an existing building.  While frequently containing components of both master plans and historic structure reports, feasibility studies often include evaluation by an independent contractor regarding the constructability of the proposed project.