Texas Governor’s Mansion

National Historic Landmark, Recorded Texas Historical Landmark, Austin Landmark

The Texas Governor's Mansion, designed by master builder Abner Cook in the Greek Revival style, is one of the most significant National Historic Landmarks in the State of Texas. We have served as the historical architect/ Architect of Record for many major and minor construction projects at the Mansion since 1995.

The devastating fire of June 2008 created numerous preservation challenges for the property. Following the fire, we undertook months of forensic remediation to assist with stabilization of the Mansion, and we created the first Historic Structure Report for the Mansion. We then served as the local preservation consultants, serving as the long-term architectural memory for the recent restoration project.


Key Issues

• Document & evaluate the roof system & research its historic evolution for a report outlining reconstruction or replacement alternatives

• Careful building systems integration provided optimized climate control and museum-quality fire detection system integration in an award-winning project completed in 2000

• Construction projects completed over 18 years included roof replacement, porch restoration, foundation waterproofing, repair and restoration of windows and blinds

• Post-fire disaster remediation included significant structural intervention, a careful drying program for fire recovery, assessment of surviving original materials, and creation of a comprehensive building component nomenclature system for ease of storage and reinstallation

•Prepared the Historic Structure Report for the Mansion